Friday, December 16, 2016

Brand Ambassador

Alfa Business Corp Services 
Networking · Businesswoman · Entrepreneurship · StartUp 

Be Our Brand Ambassador 

We looking for famous and very Popular Women Entrepreneurs   who are  Working in  various Services  or Industry. Alfa Bizz Corp  is a Low cost, No Frill Tech Savvy StartUp for Women Entrepreneurs  who are interested in Working from Home base to promote various Business Services in their free time. 
We are Looking for Celebs to Endorse our various  Business Services of Tech Savvy Start Up for Women Entrepreneurs.  
You should be : : :

Age : Min 21 - 35 Yrs
Sex : Female 
Height : 158 CM
Weight : 40Kgs to 60Kgs.

Please send your 

WhatsApp No    :
Facebook Id    : 
Linkedin       : 
Twitter        : 

Your past experience and background :
What you are doing currently :
Your company [ if any ]      :
Suitable time for calling  .:
Any other information you would like to share. :

Simplify Your Business

You can reach   via these medium: 

Capt Shekhar Gupta
Alfa Bizz Corp
203 Royal Regency
7 Shikshak Nagar
Near Reliance Fresh Airport Rd
Indore 452005 MP 
+91 9977513452

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Best World Of Women Entrepreneurs Online Work at Home

Alfa Bizz Corp  
Networking · Businesswoman · Entrepreneurship · StartUp 

Best World Of Women Entrepreneurs Online Work at Home

We are looking for Women Entrepreneurs who are interested in Work from Home to promote various Business Services in their free time.  Alfa Bizz Corp  is a Low cost, No Frill and well funded StartUp, but that’s not why we are able to afford to pay Low wages.  Our clients are searching for the best talent in the World.  They are not paying based on location, they pay based on talent.  We provide our clients with a rigorous testing process to ensure we’re hiring the best.   Even in the time of Global Recession And DeMonetization our Clients are willing to pay for the best talent.

Additionally, by operating remotely we have very Less Overhead and therefore we are able to redirect saved costs to our talent network.  In doing this, we can afford to pay the best talent what they are worth.  Long term, our elite talent network is generating much more value than a workforce based 
solely on cost savings.

Age : Min 21 - 35 Yrs
Sex : Female Only 
Mobile : GSM Androit  with WhatsApp and Facebook
Internet : PC or Laptop with WiFi or  4G 

Ideal For :   BBA,  BCA, BE, B Tech, B Arch, BA Mass Comm, MBA,  MCA, M Tech, BDS, MDS, MS,  

Industries  :  Agriculture. Automobiles, Aviation,  Banking, Biotech, Cabs, IT, Hotel, HR, Education And Training, Engineering, Financial Services, Food Industry, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Insurance, IT & ITeS, Manufacturing, Marketing And Strategy,  Media And Entertainment,  Real  Estate, Research And Development,  Retail, Services,  Telecommunications,  Tourism & Hospitality and many more

We have 3 types of Programme 


Basic  :::

[1]  Earning Aim : INR 3000 to 5000 Per month 
[2]  Daily Working : 3-5 Hrs Per Day 5 Days a week 
[3]  Training Period : Aprox 4-6 Weeks 3-4 Days a Week 
[4]  Fees                 : Free 
[5]  Education : Min Graduation / Diploma Holder

Advance :::

[1]  Earning Aim : INR 5,000 to 15,000 Per month 
[2]  Daily Working : 5-8 Hrs Per Day 6 Days a week 
[3]  Training Period : Aprox 3-4 Weeks 4-5 Days a Week 
[4]  Fees                 : INR 4500 Only
[5]  Education : Min Graduation / Diploma Holder

Professional  ::::

[1]  Earning Aim : INR 10,000 to 25,000 Per month 
[2]  Daily Working : 8-10 Hrs Per Day 6/7 Days a week 
[3]  Training Period : Aprox 2-3 Weeks 5/6 Days a Week 
[4]  Fees                 : INR 9500 Only
[5]  Education : Min Post Graduation / PG Diploma Holder

Yashika Christian [MSc] 
Project Manager 
Facebook ::::

Resources : :::

@ 700 Blogs with 60 Blogers / SEO
#   2 Hotels with 60 Rooms
$   22 Car Taxi in 3 Cities of MP 

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Brand Ambassador Miss Paulami Ghosh Best Anchor Female, Emcee, Live Performer, MC Master Of Ceremony, Singer,

Paulami Ghosh Best  Anchor Female, Emcee, Live Performer, MC Master Of Ceremony, Singer, 

Name: Paulami Ghosh
Gender: female
City: Kolkata
Country: India
Date of Birth: 5-8-1988
Weight: 45 Kgs
Height: 5'2
Working As:- Anchor Female, Emcee, Live Performer, MC Master Of Ceremony, Singer, 

Singer - Playback Singer

Experience 10 years

Singer, performer, anchor, emcee, photo shoot and print modeling.
Can sing on minus one tracks and with orchestra as well.
Performance time ranges from 45mins – 2 hours.
Can sing in 10 languages. She Can sing old melodious numbers, western numbers, new chart busters, pop songs, item numbers, bhajans, sufi numbers etc.

Sang for short films and add films in kolkata, mumbai, asaam and bangalore.
Currently singing for few film projects in bengali, oriya and tamil.  Stage performance all over India and abroad with celebrity artists like Udit Narayan, Kumar Shanu, Zubin Garg, Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala and many more.Performed for many corporate shows, college annuals, wedding shows, award functions, celebrity nights, ladies nights, private parties and dealers  meet.

It is nice to #Endorse a great start up from #AlfaBizzCorp for #FemaleEntrepreneurs as a #BrandAmbassador. Feels good to be associated with great work like this, thanks to #Captain Shekhar Gupta Shekhar Gupta and his team. Need your good wishes and blessings for a great beginning...☺