Frequently Asked Questions About Alfa Bizz Corp

Q.  What is Alfa Bizz Corp ?
A. Alfa Bizz Corp  connects talent from around the globe with companies who are looking to hire only the best.  We currently have many  people from   different countries working Part / Full time (40+ hrs/wk) for us and for our clients and we are growing quickly as we have more customer demand than we can find good people.  We are also a Low Cost / No Frill / Win Win / Micro Mission-driven company.  Meaning, we believe in providing people with Low-Paying, Long-Term Work at Home Careers.  We are an OnLine Marketplace in which companies are trying to hire someone at bottom basement rates for temporary work.
Q.  Where is Alfa Bizz Corp  located?

A. Alfa Bizz Corp  is headquartered in Indore MP India, Asia.  We operate 100% Remotely.  So although we have a corporate Mailing address, our Global talent Network works from any location where they can be most effective (in a cafe, at home, on the road, etc).  Alfa Bizz Corp  has a network of amazing talent in over 8 Countries.
Q.  When was Alfa Bizz Corp  established ? 
A. Alfa Bizz Corp  as a brand was established in 2016. We are well funded and growing very Slowly.
Q.  Who is the CEO?
A. Capt Shekhar Gupta is the CEO of Alfa Bizz Corp .  Capt Shekhar Gupta was an advisor to the Mission To Canada on the future of Aviation b2b talent.  Capt Shekhar Gupta’s passion is to drive the future of work in a Global, Interconnected, Society.  By enabling High-Skill Jobs growth, we can raise the standard of living across the Globe.  Capt Shekhar Gupta’s background also includes a Pilot and Director of Strategy at AeroSoft Corp as well as the CEO of successful tech startups.  See Capt Shekhar Gupta’s LinkedIn Profile or ask  a question on facebook.
Q. How can you afford to pay such  wages ?  Is this sustainable?
A. Alfa Bizz Corp  is a Low cost, No Frill and well funded company, but that’s not why we are able to afford to pay Low wages.  Our clients are searching for the best talent in the World.  We are not paying based on location; we pay based on talent.  We provide our clients with a rigorous testing process to ensure we’re hiring the best.  Even in the time of Global Recession Clients are willing to pay for the best talent.
Additionally, by operating remotely we have very Less Overhead and therefore we are able to redirect saved costs to our talent network.  In doing this, we can afford to pay the best talent what they are worth.  Long term, our elite talent network is generating much more value than a workforce based solely on cost savings.
Q. Is Alfa Bizz Corp  the same company as DevFactory, gTeam, etc?
A. No, we are not the same company.   We are still evolving and aim to be the biggest employer on the planet for highly paid, skilled jobs, for the best talent.
Q.  How are you different from other companies like TopTal?  Like Hired?
A.  Unlike these companies, our focus is not only on freelancing, but instead on full time (40 hours / week), long term Jobs as well.  We believe the best talent wants challenging opportunities and long term Careers, not only short-term or part-time contracts, and would rather not spend their valuable time always trying to find new opportunities (i.e. freelancing), but rather in changing the world for the better.
Q.  I’ve seen some negative things written about you – why is that?
A. There’s a saying that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.  So we’re not surprised that people question our low cost no frill business model.  That’s what happens when a company is disrupting a new space and shaking things up a bit.  We believe we are having a significant impact on the way the world will hire in future.  This is uncomfortable because it’s a big change.  But this change is inevitable.
Q.  What types of companies will I work for?
A.  Our clients are Fortune 1000 Aviation and Travel Companies that have challenging problems to solve.  Some of our clients include Best Aviation Companis from USA, UK, Canada and Philippines. 
Q.  What types of roles do you offer?
A.  Primarily we have technical roles, everything from Technical Support to Chief Architects.   To find a list of all available jobs, you can find the following link on our Blogs.
Q.  What is the biggest benefit of working with Alfa Bizz Corp ?
A. We understand that, as a person of great talent, you have a lot of opportunities.  We’ve been told the best part about Alfa Bizz Corp  is:
• Great Small Wages that are paid on time and consistently
• Complete Flexibility
• Setting your own schedule
• Working with other Top performers / Great Team Members
• Working with people from all over the world
• Increased productivity due to reduced commute time
• Ability to spend more time with Family
• Ability to work from anywhere in the world
• Diversity
Since we operate on a 100% remote/ virtual environment, at Alfa Bizz Corp , you get to work with the finest teams around the world.  We have a network of talent from India, Nepal , Philippines, Canada and USA, and more – in 8 countries.  We believe that diversity is our greatest strength!
Working at Alfa Bizz Corp  offers a lot more benefits other than the ones mentioned. Suffice to say that we’re very excited to be hiring talented folks like you, and we welcome you to the future of work!
Q.  What is the average length of a role at Alfa Bizz Corp ?  What is my career path?
A.  We are not recruiters and Alfa Bizz Corp  is not a short term freelancer marketplace.  We believe in long term relationships, not outsourcing.  When you take the time to go through the testing process and you are hired, you become part of the Alfa Bizz Corp Global Network.  
Q. Is Alfa Bizz Corp  in my country?
A.  Alfa Bizz Corp  has hired from over 8 countries.  Chances are we’ve hired from yours.  All you need is a strong Internet connection and the desire to work hard.  See the list of Alfa Bizz Corp  jobs here.
Q.  Are you hiring Chief Architects?
A.  Yes!  All of our jobs can be found here (at Alfa Bizz Corp  ).  There are certain jobs for which we always have a need and custom positions that arise less regularly.  Please bookmark and check the list of jobs often, as new ones are always being added.
Q.  How do I get hired?
A. Alfa Bizz Corp  has a rigorous testing process.  The following is a diagram of what our process looks like (note: we have temporarily removed the English literacy testing section from our hiring process).
Q.  How long is the testing  ?
A. Testing can last 1-3 weeks.  We understand that it’s a lot to ask for you to take time out of your schedule to go through this process.  We respect your time.  By asking you to invest time in us, we will return the favor and invest in you.
Q. I applied for the job listed in the “Marketplace”.  Will I be working for Alfa Bizz Corp  or for a client company?
A. It depends on the position but either way you are part of the Alfa Bizz Corp  network.  You will either be working with Alfa Bizz Corp  or one of our hiring clients, and this will be made clear to you during the hiring process.
Q. What is the average length of the hiring process from start to finish?
A.  This depends on the job but an average of 1-3 weeks.
Working at Alfa Bizz Corp 
Q. How am I paid?  What is the frequency?
A.  Payments are made through a secured, third-party payment solutions provider, Payoneer.  You can also choose to have direct deposit to your bank account or to a Payoneer debit card.  The typical frequency of payment is once per Month.
Q.  What are the types of targets I will need to reach?  Are they achievable?
A. We not only work with our Alfa Bizz Corp  team members but we believe in good management practice, so we effectively grade on both sides.  We believe in a results oriented workplace with management setting clear objectives.
Q. Will I have benefits and bonuses while working for Alfa Bizz Corp ?
We replace the benefits that a traditional employer would give to you (things such as a company car, a fridge full of snacks, cushy office space, nap pods, massage chairs, etc) and instead give the extra income back to you to make your own decisions based on your own needs.  We believe in giving you all your money upfront and letting you choose the benefits that work for you.  Therefore, we do not currently offer a benefits package.
Q. Will there be any deductions from my earnings for purposes of paying taxes on my behalf?
A. No. As an independent worker, you are are entirely responsible for the payment of your income taxes, dependent upon the tax regulations and policies of your own tax jurisdiction.
Q. What are the hours I am expected to work?
A.You control your own schedule because you know what it takes to get the job done.   That being said, there will of course be times when you’ll need to interact with your team and/or your manager.  You’ll need to set your schedule accordingly.  The rest is up to you.
Q. What is the leave policy at Alfa Bizz Corp ?
A. Again, you dictate your schedule and what it takes to be most productive.  If you need leave/holiday time, let your manager and team members know ahead of time and plan accordingly so that there are no gaps in productivity. 
Q. Can I keep my current full-time position and work at Alfa Bizz Corp  during my free time?
A. While theoretically it is possible to keep 2 full-time jobs at the same time, it is practically impossible without sacrificing efficiency and work quality and therefore not highly valued at Alfa Bizz Corp .  
Q. Is there a chance to be promoted?
A. Promotions are always a possibility. It entirely depends on 
1) The position 
2) Your work performance and 
3) the needs of the organization.  
Evaluation is ongoing.  You can also always apply for higher level roles within Alfa Bizz Corp  that offer higher pay and/or allow you to learn a new set of skills.
Q. What is AlfaWorkSmart?
A.  AlfaWorkSmart is a coming management and productivity insights tool created by Alfa Bizz Corp .  It allows you and your manager complete transparency.  It also allows you to measure your progress and what it takes to reach your targets.  Teams use WorkSmart to collaborate on how to best reach their goals, measuring what works by analyzing the feedback that AlfaWorkSmart provides.


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