SEO Professionals and Digital Marketing Experts

Our Goal is to transit  Enthusiasm, Creativity & Experience into a position, 
No experience in SEO, SMO & PPC Needed to handles various UK & US SEO, SMO projects 
We needs SEO Professional as well as Digital Marketing Expert  to offer 
services on both on page and off page SEO, like directory submission, article, Blog posting, 
social bookmarking, press release submission, classified, blog commenting, forum discussion, 
Social Media Promotion,  campaign management and Blog development.
Web Designing, SEO, Planning, & Direction, Website Designing & Blog Promotion

Contact :

Er Farheen Khan M Tch
Manager Project 

where I continue to provide the strategic / tactical leadership critical to retaining 
valued customers of an organization. I am certain that my presence in any Team will 
prove to be beneficial to that organization. As such, I would welcome an opportunity 
to speak with you to evaluate companies needs & share my ideas.



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  2. We are looking for Smart and Tech Savvy Moms
    in free-lancing for the following positions:

    1. Vlogger / Blogger / Content Writer
    2. App / Web Developer
    3. SMM / SEO Experts.
    4. HR Experts
    5. Education
    6. On line Marketing
    7. Consultants

    Please ping me if interested.


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