Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Alfa Bizz Services
What is Alfa Business Services’s mission?
The mission of Alfa Business Services is to to create the Asia’s most impactful community of Woman Leaders and Entrepreneurs working on creating a better Business World.

What is Alfa Business Services’s Vision?
Our vision is to Create an Innovative, Creative, Happy, healthy, and Self Sustainable Business world for all  Woman Leaders and Entrepreneurs .

Who comes to the Alfa Business Services Global Leaders Program?

Every few months, Alfa Business Services hosts extraordinary Global leaders OnLine for a transformative 30 Day event called Alfa Business Services Global Leaders Program. So far, we’ve convened 60 Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Innovators from over 10 countries around the globe and have received over 1000 applications from  25 countries. We are specifically looking for leaders who are committed to making a big impact in the world. 

Is Alfa Business Services for me?
Alfa Business Services is for you if you are an Ambitious Woman Leader who is deeply committed to service and to making a positive impact in the world. We have designed Alfa Business Services to make you a better leader who achieves more through your work. At Alfa Business Services, you will learn from our transformational leadership curriculum, be inspired and moved by leaders like you, build your network across sectors, and reflect on your deeper purpose. You’ll have the opportunity to gain clarity on your biggest desires and goals, and you’ll learn tools and habits that will help you lead an impactful life personally and professionally. Alfa Business Services gives you a lifelong network of purpose-driven Woman Leaders who will help you achieve your vision.

At each Alfa Business Services there are innovators and leaders from many fields including Aviation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Journalism, Activism, Design, Education, public service, philanthropy, Finance, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Social Entrepreneurship.  We strive for our programs to be as diverse as possible across   race, and geography.

Is there an age minimum or maximum? What is the average age?
We are bringing together extraordinary leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators from around the world. In past programs the average age has been around 26 however participants so far have ranged from 21-32. We welcome leaders of all ages 21 and above to apply.



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